To become a successful and wealthy person, you need to not only work hard but also lead the right lifestyle. What rules do rich and successful people follow in their lives, and how do their habits differ from those of poor people?

1. Time planning. Most successful people not only plan their time correctly but also keep a to-do list.

2. Rise. Rich people do not sleep all day and are not lazy to wake up with the sun, or a few hours before going to work.

3. Reading books. You need…

There is a need for business analysts in almost every business area: IT, industry, trade, education, medicine, and so on. The presented profession entered the top 10 promising and highly paid.

However, newcomers in this direction have little understanding of what exactly such an employee does, what he should be able to do, and why they are so valued in the labor market. Also, an integral question becomes: “Where to study for Business-Analyst's”.

This specialist in the classical sense is an…

Some believe that bitcoin and similar digital currencies will replace the usual money, others accept cryptocurrency as an investment, while others believe that it is possible to mine and not work.

Since 2015, cryptocurrencies have rapidly burst into our reality and now only the lazy has not heard about them.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are often talked about wherever possible, most do not fully understand the meaning and essence of their existence. …

The “right” manager does not manage for the sake of the management process, but for the sake of the result.

Indicators VS Emotions.

The “right” manager does not manage for the sake of the management process, but for the sake of the result. This means that he is well aware of business goals and subordinates work to them, relying solely on numbers and facts. He provides his subordinates:

  • clearly defined competencies;
  • functional;
  • understanding…

Many are accustomed to thinking that shamanic, witchcraft practices, psychotropic drugs that change consciousness, or at least hypnosis with a pendulum are being introduced into a trance.

Everything is much simpler.

All life is full of trance states, and we find ourselves there more often than we think. Or rather, several times a day. We deal with everything in order.

The trance state differs from the non-trance state in that we fall out of reality and plunge into our own or…

Productivity is what we strive for in order to do more. But, often, we lose this race already at the start.

We all try to be productive. Whether we are regular students of consummate professionals in the workplace, we want to be on time. After all, how wonderful it is to finish all your business on time and indulge in sweet rest with peace of mind.

According to experts in the…

Telephone sales are an essential part of any business. However, the ability to sell any product easily and naturally is akin to art. Therefore, in times of crisis, this skill is more valuable than gold. Is it possible to master this art and become a master of sales?

Sure. To begin with, you need a desire to master the art of sales, then you need to study theoretical material and begin to hone your skills in practice. There are many books written on the topic of telephone sales, and if you want to delve deeper into the study…

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