Nobody wants to become a boss that employees don’t like. But the joke of business is that the transformation from class teacher to hated boss happens imperceptibly and can happen to anyone.

Here are 7 signs of how NOT to lead.

1. Tell the employee to stay to work beyond the schedule, and leave yourself.

You are the # 1 person for your subordinates. Your actions are an example to follow. Employees watch you and think they can do the same.

When you load employees with work and ask them to finish a project today and…

The effect of coffee passes quickly, and the energy drink after work is harmful to the body. You start looking at the outlet with envy. It has 220 volts more energy than you.

I’ve rounded up 6 tricks to keep you awake all day, even if you’re working from home. Become a bunny on cool batteries, and not his passive friend.

Go to bed.

Night is for sleep, day is for victory. …

Do you feel like you are too late in your current position? Do you want to go to the next level, but no one offers a raise? It’s time to take matters into your own hands!

Work smart.

Working 80 hours a week is crazy! Unfortunately, many choose this tactic, hoping for career growth. But endless to-do lists, night vigils, and work on weekends are the path not to increase, but to burnout and decreased productivity.

If you really want to show your best and achieve amazing results…

Our energy is made up of the building blocks of good habits. I want to add 10 more blocks to your personal energy wall — these tips will help you stay productive until the end of the day.

Drink coffee in the afternoon.

If you drink coffee right after sleep, it will not wake you up, increase activity and energize you. The only scientifically proven fact is the development of immunity, so you have to drink more and more of it to get any effect.

Before waking up, the body begins to produce…

A neat room and a desk that is not littered with everything create a favorable atmosphere for intellectual activity, reduce stress levels and improve mood. Develop these 7 habits to get tidy and organized without stress.

Daily imperfect cleaning.

It must be recognized that maintaining perfect order is not worth the effort you put into it. But if you lower your cleanliness standards, cleaning won’t be that difficult and won’t weigh you down.

Tidy your home nine out of ten every day, preferably twice. Choose some routine events as…

Your task is to make the right choice. Intuition and emotions will themselves come to your aid as first assistants. If you let them help you, you are lost.

Why you can’t trust your intuition?

Intuition is the first helper, but also the first enemy of decision making. It only helps in areas that you are good at.

It works perfectly in familiar environments where you do multiple reps and get quick feedback. …

A tip for everyone: Find the courage to ask questions and voice your true desires.

Don’t make assumptions

A tip for everyone: Find the courage to ask questions and voice your true desires. Express your thoughts clearly to avoid misunderstandings. This alone can completely change your life.

Now about the same, but in relation to the leaders. People change, and it is sometimes difficult to understand why a…

Many companies work with freelancers. This allows you not to inflate the staff, attract cool specialists to projects, and save time. There are enough pluses. What about down-to-earth moments?

Want to find the pros? Pay for test assignments

The first stage is to put two sentences in a foreign language in the application. Each applicant should be offered to translate them, indicate the cost of work, attach a translation from the portfolio. Two sentences are small, but they will be the first selection sieve. The second stage is…

I firmly believe that there are no unsolvable problems in business. Some you can decide for yourself, others are your friends. Friends of your friends will help you with the rest of the problems. Perhaps dozens of startups are shutting down for one simple reason — their founders don’t have the right connections.

Imagine how many limitless possibilities you have if you are surrounded by the right people.

Connections are everything.

Purely theoretically, personal life can be built in absolute solitude (boredom is mortal, but it is possible). Business is another matter. This is primarily human relations. …

You probably know what burnout is. And you can even list all the symptoms and prevention methods. But you still feel that the phrase “burned out at work” is written precisely about you.

I have collected techniques that will help you get rid of emotional exhaustion and “ignite” again.

We make a diagnosis.

A dose of adrenaline and a drop of stress are good motivators to do your job bigger and better. …

Michail Bukin

The Founder and SEO of Freelance Hideaway. Mostly interested in writing, doodling and stuttering.

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